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        Tamilnadu has many achievements in productivity of major agricultural commodities in India. It ranks first in the yield levels of sugarcane, second in paddy, first and second in many of the vegetable crops. At the same time if we look at marketing side, there are so many lacunae. In spite of higher production farmers are unable to get remunerative prices leading to variations in income earned. They are unable to take a decision on the market in which they can get better prices, whether to store or not and which crop might be sown for the next season, because they totally lack information on the above aspects ie., market information. Farmers have less authentic source from which they could get the required market information. This results in glut and scarcity frequently affecting the livelihood of farmers besides affecting the export and import of agricultural commodities.

        Hence, the Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell (DEMIC) was established in November 2004 at Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development Studies (CARDS) in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore with the financial assistance from Tamil Nadu State Agricultural Marketing Board, and Department Agricultural Marketing and Agri Business.

        The main objective of DEMIC is to disseminate timely, comprehensive, current and future price information on agricultural commodities for better decision-making by farming community, traders, firms, researchers and policy makers.

The Specific Objectives are

To forecast the supply and demand of important agricultural commodities in Tamilnadu
To forecast future prices of major agricultural commodities
To study the state and national market situation related to important commodities
To disseminate the market and price information to the farmers for planning, production and holding stocks, and then sell at higher prices and
To suggest policy measures to the Government of Tamil Nadu

              The major activity of the Market Intelligence Cell is to collect the data on arrival, price and transactions of important agricultural commodities in all the 277 Regulated Markets in Tamil Nadu. Using these data, the Market Intelligence Cell will forecast the prices of these commodities and the same will be transmitted to the Regulated markets and the farmers through web, All India Radio, television and newspapers. Apart from these, the prices prevailing in nearby States will also be informed to the farmers so that they will be able to get higher prices for their crops which will help them planning crop pattern and the right time of sale of their crop output

        Apart from price information,. other useful information available in the website are Export Procedures, Export Standards for various Agro commodities, infrastructure facilities (Ports, Air cargo, Railways, Rural godowns and etc) , Agri Export Zones, Food Processing, Post - harvest technology and Other useful links to various related websites. So far price forecasting and behavior for Cotton, Tomato, Banana (three varieties), Turmeric, Chillies, Onion, Maize, Vegetables, sesame and Black gram has been done and the same was disseminated through various media and received an overwhelming response from all the stakeholders.

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