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       In Tamil Nadu, 21 Market committees are established for every notified area to enforce the provisions of Tamil Nadu Agricultural Produce Marketing (Regulation) Act 1987, Rules 1991 and by-laws. Under these 277 Regulated Markets are functioning for better regulation of buying and selling of agricultural produce. Regulated Markets act as a common forum to farmers and traders on equal footing for marketing of agricultural produce without middlemen. No fee is collected from farmers for the services rendered. One per cent of the sale value of the produce is collected as market fee from Traders. Besides, license fee is also collected from traders and weighmen....... Read More.

National Horticulture Mission

       Since the climatic conditions prevailing in tamilnadu are favourable for cultivation of horticultural crops. The National Horticultural Mission was implemented in tamilnadu with vision of expanding the cultivation area of fruits, vegetables, flowers, medicinal and aromatic plants and thereby increasing the production of horticultural crops. This scheme has been successfully implemented in almost all states of India excluding the states of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Uttaranchal by the central government of India. This scheme is implemented with 85% of financial assistance by the central government and 15% of financial assistance by the respective state government in the tenth five year plan... Read More.

Uzhavar Santhaigal

UZHAVAR SANTHAIGAL (Farmers Market) for the benefit of farmers as well as the consumers have been set up in the urban areas in Tamil Nadu. This Department has opened all the 28 closed Uzhavar Santhais and rejuvenated the existing 75 Uzhavar Santhais.  At present in total 103 Uzhavar Santhais are  functioning to ensure farmers to get a better price for their produce and to enable the consumers to get the commodities at a lesser price than in open market.

      Every day on average 1010 M.T. of vegetables and fruits worth Rs. 1 Crore is being brought and sold by 7500 farmers on an average benefiting 1,90,000 consumers.

Agmark Grading

       Grading under "AGMARK" has already become a symbol of quality. In order to help the consumer to get quality food products, one Principal Laboratory, 30 State Agmark Grading Laboratories and 15 Agricultural Officer (Marketing) Centers are functioning in the State. Agmark grading is done for centralised and de-centralised commodities by the technically qualified staff.  Agmark labels are issued to the authorised packers under the direct supervision of the staff for certifying the quality and purity of the food products.

     During the year 2006-2007, sophisticated equipments has been purchased under Part- II Scheme for State Agmark grading Labs and Agricultural Marketing Centres in order to benefit the packers and consumers.


        To promote Agri Horticultural Produce Exports from Tamil Nadu, four Agri Export Zones for specific commodities have been established as detailed below.

      1. Agri Export Zone for Cut Flowers at Hosur comprising of Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri Districts

      2. Agri Export Zone for flowers in Nilgiris District

      3. Agri Export Zone for Mangoes in Theni District

      4. Agri Export Zone for Cashew in Cuddalore District

Agri Export Zones Proposed

      1. Export Zone for Banana in Tiruchirappalli District

Irrigated Agriculture Modernization and Water Bodies Restoration Management

        IAMWARM Project is a World Bank assisted project.  Agricultural Marketing plays an important role in marketing the agricultural produce and this department along with other line Departments will strengthen the sub basins.  This project will be implemented in the selected 63 sub basins over a period of 6 years.

        In the first year, this project will be implemented in the 9 sub basins at a cost of Rs. 8.30 Crores. The Projected cost for 63 sub basins is Rs. 28.48 Crores. 

        Under this project, the following components like Drying yard, Storage shed, Collection Centre, Pack House, Agri Business Centre, Goods Auto, Mini Lorry, Moisture Meter, (Weighing Scale, Dunnages and Tarpaulin will be provided to benefit the water users Association.

Food Processing Industries

        Food processing is gaining momentum as food processing industries ensure steady and better price to the farming community as well as availability of the commodities in processed form to the consumer throughout the year. Processing of food eliminates wastage of agricultural produce to a greater extent. By cultivation of good quality processable agricultural produce the farmers stand to gain better returns. Food Park at Dindigul District, Nilakkottai Industrial Estate is being set up at a total cost of Rs.13.00 crores. The Agricultural Marketing and Agri Business department act as a Nodal agency for Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India, It processes applications recommends and forward the project to Ministry of Food Processing Industries for obtaining grant.

        During the financial year 2006-07, 21 proposals worth of Rs.25.17 crores to establish food processing related projects have been forwarded to the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India with recommendations for grant of Rs.5 Crores. So far an amount of Rs.1.76 Crores grant has been released for 5 projects.

        In Total from Tamilnadu, 378 proposals worth Rs.443.88 crores to establish food processing related projects have been forwarded to the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India with recommendations for grant of Rs.72.80 Crores. So far an amount of Rs. 37.92 Crores grant has been released for 180 projects.

National Mission on Food Processing

Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI), Government of India has launched a
Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) – National Mission on Food Processing (NMFP) with
state Government participation with the financial assistance in the ratio of 75:25 during 12th
Five Year Plan. NMFP is being implemented by Tamil Nadu Government w.e.f 01.04.2012.
The Main objective of the scheme is to encourage Food Processing Industries, skill
development, training, Food Safety and Market demand both farmers and entrepreneurs.

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